Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yes I Am Pregnant...

Hey everybody :)

Just wanted to say hi and I have a big announcement I am making today.  Many of you have asked about my status and I want to thank each of your for your messages, many of which I have yet to even respond to.

To answer the thought on most of your minds, yes I am pregnant. 
And no it is not my husband's, the child is by my lover and friend Dale.

I want to stress a couple of things, one we both (Dale and I) want people
to know about the baby and this is the second step in that process you might say.

The first was my recent "retirement" announcement.

I am interesting in resuming my blogging and I plan on having
sex fairly late into the pregnancy, as long as it remains safe to do so.
And as long as I feel my sensuality remains intact.

If you are offended by pictures of "BBW" girls, turn away.
I have put on a few pounds (no not saying) and gained a few cup sizes.
Or if you think a pregnant woman having sex is gross.. whatever.

Just don't look then. And keep the mean comments to yourself.
Please respect our privacy and what we allow of ourselves at this moment.

Dale and I have been getting more involved with each other.  We met again recently for another date and here are some pics from that night.

We had an awesome evening and I melted with his every soft kiss (and he kissed me all over!!)

Things are a bit more romantic now, as you might guess... but I can assure you he delivered his usual stellar sexual dominance.  He is simply amazing in bed.

Now he is the father of my first child.

And I am the happiest I have ever been!

And to answer on viewers question lol...Yes I still find myself daydreaming at work about fucking him, even more than ever before.

Getting pregnant has not calmed or satiated my sexual needs.
Not one bit.

It was another wonderful night capped off by a massage and shower... Loved it!
We'll be doing that again :)

Ok so I will be back with an update very soon.

Kisses for all and sweet lollipop licks (for Dale) ;)

Love the way he grabs my ass!!

Mmmm licking the underside of his thick black cock.. makes him quiver so I know it works! lol

Sucking his cock is still my fav thing to do. Having him fill me with all his sperm
during the brief breeding period meant no facials for me.
But I do get my little tastes...

Hearing him moan as blood fills his rapidly hardening cock is music to my ears! :)

Dale records while I tease the underside of his swelling head..

Getting lost in my own little world again....

I love sucking him and looking into those beautiful eyes of his...

Having him as my baby's father means a beautiful child is coming in 2015!!

I am his Black Cock Queen... And he is my King!!

Running my lips along the side always makes an impression on him...

I could suck his cock all day long..every day.. and NEVER get bored or tire of it.
He is my dream lover and now my baby's daddy.

69 anyone? Yes it was divine. Dale's oral skills are insanely good!! :D

He owns my clit with his tongue..

Feeling him slide between my pussy lips is as close to heaven as I have found on Earth...

He knows my every desire now, how to make me cum and how to make me shake with delight...

I will never get tired of this!!! Mmmmmmm...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Queen settles down...

Hello everyone,

I have some important news I want to share with you.

For some time I have had the feeling that I needed to make some changes to my life.

Although I have truly enjoyed the wild and sexy moments I have had over the last several years, I have reached a point where I need to think more about the future and less about the moment.

This journey has been quite an experience for me, and I have no regrets for exploring my sexuality and helping some guys explore theirs.  I have met some absolutely wonderful people and I will always feel fortunate to have had such a wonderful time.

But I have decided to stop swinging and settle into a different way of life.
My needs to be sexual are also met by an equal need to start a family and become a mother.

I am not closing this page or my blog as I know many of you have found interest in what I experience and write about.

I will try to update on my life on occasion, but please do not expect the current level of discourse to continue.

But nor will I completely disappear. The Queen of Spades Diaries will still be ongoing.

So my life might be changing, but my presence will still be felt.

I am so excited about the future and what it holds and I hope everybody agrees that we need to consciously do the things in life that make us happy, and that is the path I am choosing.

Love Always,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Swingers Night Out #75 Preview: How to Suck a Black Cock

Hey guys :)
A quick update for everybody..I met Dale again last Sunday.
Full details coming soon..

I absolutely adore tasting this man's cock... I am becoming a bit obsessed already. It's just so heavenly... and honestly, sucking on him is not even the best part!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Swinger's Night Out #74: A Preview...

Hey guys!

Well after a couple of false starts, we were finally able to meet Dale last week and it was a very enjoyable evening for us all. He drove into town and got us a room Saturday night and so we met him at the hotel.

Dale is a very handsome guy and very nice. And well endowed would be one way to describe his enormous manhood! O M G

We started off with drinks and some small talk mostly.

Before too long, I was feeling frisky and I decided to start things off by changing into my plaid mini and black top with my leather "fuck me" boots. (Do you like?)

So I think I have finally decided it's time to retire this outfit.

I will still wear it for my husband on occasion, but this one has seen enough action...time to move on to another favorite!

So after posing and teasing the guys with my ass, I had Dale lay back on the bed and I took off his pants and underwear to reveal his soft but still huge cock.

So I started sucking on him...


Then after a few minutes I suddenly realized... omg... I love his cock!
He is so thick and long.. my pussy started to tingle as soon as I started thinking about how good he was going to feel inside of me.

There is a place I get to during a blowjob where I just get in a zone- and when I do, guys seem to really enjoy the oral.. this was one of those nights...and he totally got hard in a jiffy.

And from his somewhat quiet moans I could tell he was really enjoying things :)

Had to break out the glasses too :P

So after a nice long blowjob, Dale decided it was his turn to play and he turned me on my back and gave me some of the hottest oral sex I can remember in some time!

Oh God yes...lick my kitty :)

His tongue on my clit and pussy made me go very orgasmic.

At first I was very sensitive and it was hard to withstand all the attention. But as I rode out the storm, it started feeling better and better...

I eventually shoved his tongue into my pussy and he responded by driving me further and further towards bliss by licking all over my tender asshole also... mmmm

It was too much!

Dale got to see (and taste) firsthand how I can squirt cum at the most sudden of moments! :D

So finally I think Dale had enough of "licking" and was ready to do some "sticking".

He gently spread my legs apart and grabbed my ankles, as he slid his big black cock into my super moist pussy...

It was so worth the wait... :D

After a few wonderfully slow strokes, he picked up the pace, and in no time I was feeling another huge orgasm coming on as I started tingling again...

The sensations finally rocked me as my pussy clenched around his cock, and the orgasm wave washed over me...I was feeling so damm good and loving every minute of this!!

Afterward, we decided to change things up and so I got on top of him and started riding his huge dick.  I really liked him in this position and I could feel his head barely pressing up against my cervix as I rocked back and forth on him.

I loved looking down at him as he enjoyed himself by licking and fondling my boobies. :)

Riding his cock proved to be a sweet pleasure..mmm

After 2 more delightful orgasms, we took a break and I changed into some lingerie for Dale.

He seemed to approve and started licking my pussy and ass, as he rose up to conquer my body once more.

He really knows his way around a clitoris!

His tongue is a deadly weapon.
My orgasms were intense and yet long lasting :) yay!

The evening was a fairly mildly-paced one but it felt so natural, and I enjoyed how things went. Later he gave me a wonderful massage (he is a therapist) and feeling his hard cock pressing up against my ass when he was rubbing on me was very, very hot and made me so wet.

I didn't really notice it that night, but first thing next day I realized that I was very sore inside from Dale's huge cock.

I was hoping this would abate after a day or so but a few days later and I am still very tender.. and unfortunately needing to take a break!

After taking both B and Dale's huge cocks in barely over a month, I suppose I was due for a breather.  As much as I enjoy a nice big one, let me tell you the friction can really take some getting used to.  I am kind of a small girl after all!

So this weekend looks like I will be taking a bit of a break, maybe for a couple of weeks even. My body needs the rest and it will be good to spend time with my husband to plan the next round of my sexual craziness... :)


Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekend Update: March 14, 2014

Happy Friday :)
Just a quick little update for ya!

I am still working on going through all the video and pics from my hot date with B.

I will finish up that post soon. Might just do it as part 2..there are so many pics!


So tomorrow night I am meeting a new friend and I am very very excited!

He is a super nice guy and we really click in chatting with him. I think in bed we will be like rabbits. :)

How do I get so lucky? I don't know but I hope it keeps happening!!!

I am trying to go for the low key approach again, but I have to confess he is making my pussy moist already with his naughty mind and big black cock...and his threats to use it to fuck me hard..

Such a yummy looking lollipop...hmmmm more man candy for me? lol

Yes please.

I want another double dose.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Swinger's Night Out #73: My Black Stallion

I met B last year as our paths had crossed online. We are both part of the interracial community on Blogspot. He also has a twitter feed, that gave me some insight to his personality.  So there are some common threads.... naughty ones.

So after several months of talking online, we finally set last Friday as our first "date."

And we met and had a great time!
He is quite the gentleman and was a very courteous host.

The only downside for this evening was we had to leave after only a few hours of fun.
And part of that is because we were late. And that was all my fault :(

Usually I am good at getting ready on time but I spent a little too much extra time on doing my makeup and primping (I wanted to look good).. so we arrived about 45 minutes late.

But B was very unconcerned and super polite in accepting our apologies for the late arrival.  He invited us in his hotel room and we got settled in. We made a drink and talked for a few minutes.

It was very relaxed conversation and a good connection. I felt an ease and comfort level came over the room. We had started drinking at home earlier so that probably helped.

Even with getting to know guys online first and after so many swinging encounters, I still get the jitters at some point usually before an evening gets going. Tonight, not so much.

So with the conversation there was a friendly vibe in the room. And a frisky one with me in it. ;)

I was feeling really horny and ready to be fucked good and hard.

I sooo came to the right place.

B is very handsome and a well-built guy. And physical dominance played a part in our fun, so it was a nice feeling to held so firmly by such a big guy again.  But the height difference was a little tricky, as I am about 5'3" and he is at least 6"3 or taller!

I had joked with B earlier in the week to expect me to have his pants down in 5 minutes of less... well maybe it was 10.. but nonetheless- his pants came down quickly :D

I suppose I was wanting to get things going- because we were short on time! I am not rushing sucking a big beautiful black cock, and B certainly has one.

It's one of my pet peeves to rush things all the time but we didn't have much choice. I had to be at work at 7am the next day. I think we would have enjoyed chatting more, but as the evening progressed, it seemed we did just fine by making things up as we went along.

But anyways, to start things off I got him on the bed and hubby handed him a video camera and then I started sucking his cock..

A nice blowjob to begin things always seems appropriate. Even though my husband and I often joke about it, well about me doing something different....eventually.

Still waiting for a guy to just BAM go down on me outright... still waiting.... lol

But I love sucking cock... so it's ok..I just can't resist it.

And this time, just I wanted B in my mouth :P

I had seen what I was getting a long time ago and well, the anticipation was well worth it and there was NO disappointment! (Yay)

His cock was just as I had imagined it would be... super thick and lots of fun to suck on.

I could tell he enjoyed it as well, as he gave me some assuring moans and groans and some small talk.

So after a little bit of that, we took some posed shots with more of me sucking his glorious cock. We had discussed it at one point during the week..posing some made for interesting connections to our next sex position(s).  And the posed shots are kind of fun. And after reviewing the pics...they did make for some great pictures.

Sometimes I just wish he would wait and not take those pics the first time I meet a guy. Slowing down the proceedings can be a buzzkill for me!

It gets in the way of the spontaneity I think. And that's not good.
But we managed to get through all the posing and stopping what we were doing.

And yes, sometimes I am too critical of my husband's camera work. He gets a lot of enjoyment from doing that and I don't thank him nearly enough..( well here is a big THANK YOU!!! from the bottom of my heart baby xoxox I love what you do for me! )

My husband often suggests great angles for us to try and shoot and particular poses that he thinks are hot.  And his ideas are really good. So what you see of me here is always somewhat his perception also. We both contribute ideas to the blog and how we manage our collection of personal erotica.

Also, sometimes I get caught in the moment and am not thinking about the pictures and video- at all.

He helps me keep all that together.

And this time B also added his ideas to the sex fun.
And they were great ideas too!

So we tried some very interesting positions and things.

In particular, I liked that sometimes B would hold my neck and head in ways that were a little edgy (forceful) and frankly turned me on like crazy!!!  Kind of bondage/kink/forced sex flavored and I think it might have shocked my husband at first.

But we had a good trust level and so we continued without a word. I was never in pain or felt uncomfortable in any way. Just moist! :)

I so loved it!! And as we did it more and more the more normal and enjoyable it became for me.



Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Update Today!

Updating today...doing a full summary this time ;)
It was a hot night!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Swinger's Night Out #73: A Preview

So just a quick taste for those interested. Finally met with B and we had a wonderful evening...omg is all I can say at this point. Sore today, but I smile every time I ache.

He is a really nice guy and I think I would like to see him again soon. I came a lot :)

More coming soon..


I loved sucking his cock.
And tasting him..his cum was all over my mouth.
I got A LOT of it there..2 nice big facials!

I loved the way he grabbed me and let me know I was his for the night..

And by the end of the night.. I was his little slut!
He asserted dominance over my body with powerful thrusts and
the deep penetration of his big black cock.

He went after my pussy like a battering ram and omg I freaking loved it!
So satisfied! :)

His cock was MADE for my pussy!!
He filled me up in a way I absolutely loved.
it felt so good inside me!

Stretched me out..
(a lot)
I feel a little loose today lol

B is immensely thick. But I love thick cocks and so his was very nice.

Soon we were taking some kinky twists and turns, I trusted him
and we got very devious together...

okay gotta run..back to post more later okay