Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My obscene instant messages: Sex Hookup #7

WARNING: If you do not like sex and occasional promiscuity (he he) then this post is NOT for you!! In fact you might want to find a different blog!! sorry

One of the things I wanted to do on here is post some of my naughty chat sessions with guys that I have started talikng to .. and eventually wound up hooking up with ;)

First One: A guy I met online on a swingers website..(yes I slutty, but a great way to meet eligible men!)

I wanted to fuck him the second I saw his hunky, manly black body
eventually he went after it pretty good in our
it was fun flirting with him I felt so naughty..mmm wonderful sensations in my pussy!
I remember playing with my pussy almost the whole time we chatted!! 

Will reveal much, much more of this encounter in further is quite scintillating :)

Day 1:
bhoward1031 (1:51:44 PM): hey sexy whats up

Day 2:
hottstuff1982 (4:32:18 PM):  Hi there!!! glad you got my im right this time!
bhoward1031 (6:58:31 PM): hey sexy girl I know I am sorry I had copied it down wrong
bhoward1031 (7:37:53 PM): hope you have a good weekend sexy and hope to make that pussy mine soon

Day 4:
hottstuff1982 (8:15:28 AM): Are you on?? your smileys golden :)
bhoward1031 (8:15:40 AM): whats up sexy I wuz just lookin at that pic of you sucking cock damm girl you got that going

bhoward1031 (8:16:21 AM):So you will meet me and possibly fck?? Do you like me?

hottstuff1982 (8:37:22 AM): thanks glad u liked.. sorry I have been soo busy the last few days..I didnt have time to chat with you
hottstuff1982 (8:37:31 AM):So do you have some pics for me?? of your cock?? ;) I wanna see!!!!lol
bhoward1031 (8:37:44 AM):wow you are a naughty slut   let me see 
bhoward1031 (8:38:56 AM):here you go this is recent   I told you it wasbig :p

hottstuff1982 (8:39:05 AM):OMG!!!!!! 
hottstuff1982 (8:39:38 AM):wow! I like you..You have a huge cock!!! I love it ;)not sure I can even take it tho!!! lol just kidding!!! hey this is great, you are local and I want a man I can actually meet..I want you to pound my tight little pussy with that thing and I am going to suck your cock so good you will be all smiles in no time I promise :)
bhoward1031 (8:39:41 AM): damm thats good to hear sexy

hottstuff1982 (8:39:53 AM): and like I said when we chatted, I am going to volunteer to be your little white slut (shhhhhhhhhh lol) dont tell him I said that!!
hottstuff1982 (8:40:10 AM):I am going to make you want this pussy all the time.. cause you know I want that black cock all the time 
hottstuff1982 (8:40:37 AM): and I havent even felt you inside me yet.. it's going to feel soooo nice to have you deep in my pussy mmm
bhoward1031 (8:42:28 AM): yeah i am going to love nailing that pussy deep and seein you swallowing as much as this black dick as you can get in your mouth

hottstuff1982 (8:42:57 AM): I will try, pretty sure I wont be able to get all of that big black cock in my mouth...
hottstuff1982 (8:43:09 AM): other places will get all of it hopefully lol
bhoward1031 (8:42:28 AM): I will take it anywhere u want
hottstuff1982 (8:43:48 AM): I am going to love it when I am sucking your cock and looking up into your eyes
hottstuff1982 (8:44:06 AM): it's going to make my pussy jealous I
hottstuff1982 (8:44:33 AM): But I know you will be giving that some special attention too
hottstuff1982 (8:44:43 AM): mmmmmmmm can't wait
bhoward1031 (8:46:14 AM): oh i am going to give it plenty of attention dont worry your ass too

hottstuff1982 (8:46:21 AM): ooooh yes
hottstuff1982 (8:46:34 AM): especially my ass...I want you there too
hottstuff1982 (8:46:56 AM): after you lick it and tongue it and make it yours first
hottstuff1982 (8:47:19 AM): I have a feeling you are going to make me cum so hard

hottstuff1982 (8:47:45 AM): I will be calling out your name..along with a lot of moaning and groaning ;)
bhoward1031 (8:47:45 AM): mmmmmmmm i will enjoy owning that ass let me see a pic of it!!
hottstuff1982 (8:47:53 AM): So will I..ok let me look
hottstuff1982 (8:48:21 AM) here are a couple good ones ;)

bhoward1031 (8:48:32 AM): I am gonna pound that
hottstuff1982 (8:48:38 AM): just have to go slow and play with my ass..
hottstuff1982 (8:48:48 AM): and then I will be begging you to take it :)
bhoward1031 (8:48:55 AM): no prob i will take it easy on your ass at first those are hot you are so fine girl damm
hottstuff1982 (8:49:04 AM): :) thank you!! :D 
bhoward1031 (8:49:06 AM): then i will fuck that ass like i fuck your pussy
hottstuff1982 (8:49:13 AM): mmmmm YES
hottstuff1982 (8:49:34 AM): mmmmm I am playing with my clit right now looking at your pictures mmmmmmm
bhoward1031 (8:50:29 AM): you love looking at that black dick dont you
hottstuff1982 (8:50:51 AM): yes I do its such an awesome cock to look at!!
hottstuff1982 (8:51:28 AM): I am going to do everything I can to make you feel good and want more and more of me!!

bhoward1031 (8:52:45 AM): i love how you just want to please me
hottstuff1982 (8:52:48 AM): eventually I am going to get him to let us meet.. just the two of us...
hottstuff1982 (8:53:05 AM): and yes, I do want to please you
hottstuff1982 (8:53:33 AM): I want you to experience a really good fucking, and more and more
bhoward1031 (8:54:21 AM): oh really just us too huh that would be hot

hottstuff1982 (8:54:31 AM): Yes...and it will be
hottstuff1982 (8:55:13 AM): Friday is as much for him as it is for me, he loves seeing me take a nice big cock..because I get into it so much for him..
hottstuff1982 (8:55:49 AM): but after Friday we will hopefully have a chance at some days to play with just the two of us... maybe with a camera so he can see how much fun we had together

bhoward1031 (8:56:05 AM): thats still a little weird for me that a guy can like watching his wife or girl fuck other guys lol but its all good
hottstuff1982 (8:56:21 AM): yea, it was wierd for me too at first! But he calls it cuckolding. I am just now finding out more about it...its exciting really..very naughty..... luv it!!
hottstuff1982 (8:57:13 AM): and he really enjoys seeing me have a good time and be pleasured.  And you are going to give me soooo much pleasure i think

hottstuff1982 (8:57:22 AM): mmmmm
hottstuff1982 (8:57:35 AM): its making me so horny thinking about you....
bhoward1031 (8:58:25 AM): me too i am at work and my dick is hard as fuck in my office 
hottstuff1982 (8:58:37 AM): oh my :)
hottstuff1982 (8:58:52 AM): oh I wish I could come out there and close your office door
hottstuff1982 (8:59:09 AM): I would take care of that awesome hard on you have
hottstuff1982 (8:59:23 AM): take you deep in my mouth

bhoward1031 (8:59:28 AM): yeah it would be nice damn good actually
hottstuff1982 (8:59:40 AM): licking the underside of your cock with the tip of my tounge
hottstuff1982 (8:59:45 AM): lol
hottstuff1982 (8:59:48 AM): yes it would be

bhoward1031 (9:00:00 AM): damn thats hot
hottstuff1982 (9:00:08 AM): someday we will have to try out that fantasy... wink wink
hottstuff1982 (9:00:24 AM): you can lay me on your desk and spread my legs apart
hottstuff1982 (9:00:43 AM): mmmmm my pussy is sooooo wet rt now

bhoward1031 (9:00:47 AM): whenever you can get away early on sunday morning its possible or late on a thurs night
hottstuff1982 (9:01:02 AM): hmmm will have to keep that in mind
bhoward1031 (9:01:26 AM): i close on thurs nites and come in at 8 on sunday
hottstuff1982 (9:01:30 AM): maybe this Thursday

bhoward1031 (9:01:42 AM): damm you make me want you so bad
hottstuff1982 (9:01:51 AM): I am so horny today I need it bad too!
bhoward1031 (9:02:01 AM): what about hubby lol
hottstuff1982 (9:02:10 AM): I know I have to wait till he is there
bhoward1031 (9:02:17 AM): I can come over and bend you over a sink in the bathroom or take you anywhere

hottstuff1982 (9:02:21 AM): mmm I wish!!! omg ....I have to play by the rules for now...till there r no rules
bhoward1031 (9:03:09 AM): have you had it where there are no rules
hottstuff1982 (9:03:23 AM): not yet but it has been discussed
hottstuff1982 (9:03:40 AM): where I get to have one guy that is "mine" to enjoy as I please..a fuck buddy or boyfriend or friend with benefits..whatever you want to call it.
bhoward1031 (9:04:10 AM): you want this black dick to be that dick you get to play with 1on1 all the time??

hottstuff1982 (9:04:15 AM): I would like that to be you, if you make me as hot in person as you do now.. I do love your big black cock.. so wanting to feel you dominating me hard!
bhoward1031 (9:04:22 AM): ooh yes my slut
hottstuff1982 (9:04:41 AM): I also want u to be able to eventualy call me and then i would come and take care of you
hottstuff1982 (9:04:50 AM): and your sexual needs

bhoward1031 (9:05:14 AM): i know you hate this but i am gonna say it anyway lol
hottstuff1982 (9:05:20 AM): lol
hottstuff1982 (9:05:22 AM): ok what?
hottstuff1982 (9:05:26 AM): :??

bhoward1031 (9:05:31 AM): cant wait to make you my personal little white slut to use
hottstuff1982 (9:05:40 AM): mmmmm
hottstuff1982 (9:05:54 AM): I would so be that for you I think..your personal fuck toy lol :)

bhoward1031 (9:06:04 AM): good girl my fuck toy slut
hottstuff1982 (9:06:16 AM): your slut!! I want to have your cock in me so bad
bhoward1031 (9:06:33 AM): so where is it that you meet up with guys for your sessions hotels?
hottstuff1982 (9:06:49 AM): yes hotels usually
bhoward1031 (9:07:04 AM): cool
hottstuff1982 (9:07:37 AM): Its been so long for me we havent done this in several months now
bhoward1031 (9:08:28 AM): cool so just hubby fucking you huh
hottstuff1982 (9:08:35 AM): yes
hottstuff1982 (9:08:53 AM): which is ok, he is no slouch let me tell you..but I want more :)
hottstuff1982 (9:09:12 AM): I have always had a thing for big cocks
hottstuff1982 (9:09:12 AM):  Love the feeling of a huge cock inside me.. spreading me so wide.. where its almost a pain type situation.. but then you start to cum a little and open up and then cum hard and it just feels very good! :)

bhoward1031 (9:09:29 AM): soooo i am bigger than hubby lol
hottstuff1982 (9:09:32 AM): I worship big cocks like nice and meaty lol
hottstuff1982 (9:10:01 AM): yes you are lol.. he is about 7 inches... you are much thicker and that is really what makes me so wet
hottstuff1982 (9:10:25 AM): I like nice thick cocks and yours is long and thick so thats why I love it
hottstuff1982 (9:10:37 AM): It makes me want to worship's perfect :D
bhoward1031 (9:10:45 AM): mmmm i wish i could eat that pussy right now and lick that little asshole of yours

hottstuff1982 (9:10:57 AM): ooooh yes that's my naughty boy
hottstuff1982 (9:11:17 AM): I want you to lick my ass till I am begging you to fuck me
hottstuff1982 (9:11:42 AM): spread my lips apart and lick my pussy til it's swollen and red
hottstuff1982 (9:11:48 AM): mmmmmmmm
hottstuff1982 (9:11:56 AM): omg I am so wet

bhoward1031 (9:12:14 AM): mmmmmmmmmmmm
bhoward1031 (9:12:27 AM): i would toungue fuck that littlw ass for sure 
hottstuff1982 (9:12:38 AM): mmm I love it !
hottstuff1982 (9:13:06 AM): I will send you some more pics of my ass today just so you can get all hard over it :)
hottstuff1982 (9:13:15 AM): Do you like my big booty?
bhoward1031 (9:13:33 AM): love a nice big ass 
hottstuff1982 (9:13:48 AM): well you will love mine then

bhoward1031 (9:13:53 AM): will spank and turn red while i am pounding your pussy and fingering your asshole
hottstuff1982 (9:14:12 AM): mmmmmmmm
hottstuff1982 (9:14:25 AM): I like being spanked...lightly!! 
hottstuff1982 (9:14:31 AM): not to hard ok

bhoward1031 (9:14:52 AM): no problem a little hard pulling and light ass spankin
hottstuff1982 (9:15:01 AM): oh yes
hottstuff1982 (9:15:08 AM): I want you to take me doggy style too
bhoward1031 (9:15:18 AM): oh hell yes
hottstuff1982 (9:15:23 AM): feel your hands on my hips... pulling me into you
hottstuff1982 (9:15:34 AM): rubbing my ass
hottstuff1982 (9:15:40 AM): getting me all into it
hottstuff1982 (9:15:42 AM): mmmmmmmmm

bhoward1031 (9:16:21 AM): oh you will sexy you will feel it deep in you til i hit the bottom
hottstuff1982 (9:16:41 AM): you will have to be careful at first going deep.. you are huge!!
bhoward1031 (9:16:48 AM): k
hottstuff1982 (9:17:08 AM): just take it slow and easy and I will tell you when to go deeper ok
bhoward1031 (9:17:33 AM): k
hottstuff1982 (9:17:35 AM): my ass I will take you all the way I know
hottstuff1982 (9:18:06 AM): you can bury that BBC deep in my ass I want you to let me feel every inch of you

bhoward1031 (9:18:32 AM): you think your ass can take it all
hottstuff1982 (9:18:50 AM): I think so.. I have had some pretty long cocks in my ass
hottstuff1982 (9:19:03 AM): the thickness part will be the hardest thing to get used to
bhoward1031 (9:19:38 AM): I will be gentle and own it
hottstuff1982 (9:19:07 AM): I will try though
hottstuff1982 (9:19:17 AM): I want it for you to enjoy

bhoward1031 (9:19:34 AM): oh how i will enjoy owning your body
hottstuff1982 (9:19:39 AM): :D
hottstuff1982 (9:19:50 AM): I think I wll enjoy it even more!
hottstuff1982 (9:19:53 AM): mmmm mmmm

bhoward1031 (9:21:53 AM): i have no doubt like i told you before i want to make you want this dick in every hole you have to crave just stroking it and making me cum in your mouth to want to lick my nuts to want me to come over and just eat your pussy and lick your ass til you cum like a rivers flowing out of your pussy
hottstuff1982 (9:22:11 AM): omg
hottstuff1982 (9:22:35 AM): I want you
hottstuff1982 (9:22:52 AM): I am going to suck you all over you cock and balls

bhoward1031 (9:22:54 AM): you will get it all  
bhoward1031 (9:23:12 AM): i bet you really get into sucking it too
hottstuff1982 (9:23:19 AM): I love it..I am going to make you beg for me to stop and just fuck you, but I am going to just keep sucking you off lol
hottstuff1982 (9:23:22 AM): running my tongue all over your head and swallowing you deep
hottstuff1982 (9:23:26 AM): mmmmm

bhoward1031 (9:23:44 AM): dammm girl you are gettn me hard as shit
hottstuff1982 (9:23:58 AM): it's going to be so nice sucking on your huge cock!!!
hottstuff1982 (9:24:11 AM): tasting your sticky precum all over my lips
hottstuff1982 (9:24:35 AM): sucking your balls gently in my mouth
bhoward1031 (9:24:54 AM): mmmmmmmmmmmm I love that shit
hottstuff1982 (9:24:59 AM): making you oooze cum on my lips as I lick it off

bhoward1031 (9:25:23 AM): keep that up lol and it wont be ooooozzed it will shoot out 
hottstuff1982 (9:25:24 AM): rubbing your head on my lips wet with cum and my spit
bhoward1031 (9:25:50 AM): love a lot of spit and slob like it nasty and wet
hottstuff1982 (9:25:58 AM): lol mmmm oh yes
hottstuff1982 (9:26:07 AM): it will be wet

bhoward1031 (9:26:09 AM): you like it like that also
hottstuff1982 (9:26:14 AM): yes
bhoward1031 (9:28:17 AM): well good good good
bhoward1031 (9:28:26 AM): hey sexy got to go will be on later
hottstuff1982 (9:28:35 AM): ok no prob..I have to go to work soon

bhoward1031 (9:34:58 AM): mmmmmmmmmmm damn cant wait to taste that pussy
bhoward1031 (9:40:00 AM): i am gonna eat you so fucking good you will just cum at the thought of my tongue on your clit

bhoward1031 (9:40:14 AM): i also cant wait til we can meet up just us two lol 
hottstuff1982 (9:52:26 AM): I want you to spread my lips wide apart and lick my pussy all over..mmmm

hottstuff1982 (9:52:45 AM): and I want you to tounge fuck my pussy and ass too
hottstuff1982 (9:53:22 AM): OK I have to go get ready for work, it was awesome chatting with pussy has been so wet!! have a good evening sexy.. xoxoxo
bhoward1031 (9:53:29 AM): Send me a pic please b4 u go
hottstuff1982 (9:53:22 AM): OK
hottstuff1982 (9:55:16 AM): here are a couple i have to run..ta ta for now sexy

bhoward1031 (9:58:39 AM): damm I love those titties gonna stick my dick between them
bhoward1031 (9:58:39 AM): enjoy work sexy and know that soon u will be sucking my dick and drinking this cum getting your ass fucked and becoming my little white slut
hottstuff1982 (9:58:52 AM): it is sweet lol.. ok bye for now

To be continued....



  1. Wow, I loved reading this very very horny, got me so hard x

  2. DAMN!!! Jessie that is the definition of HOT!!!

  3. I love the correspondence between the both of you. I can imagine how wet your pussy aching for his cock. The black and white pics are such a turn on. You have such a sexy ass!