Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Own Online Adult Magazine

This is a preview of my new digital adult magazine... I am working on finishing up some on the first issue for you guys!

This will be like an older printed porn magazine; with posing, action, lingerie and small topic sex stuff.

This was originally my husbands idea,
but this magazine
I am going to produce will be from a woman's perspective.

I will try to cover a lot of ground with this idea, and yes I will still be posting regularly to my blog.

This will just be more of a visual project :)

Let me know what you think and want to see in this!

More stuff posting soon..

hugs n kisses!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Thoughts On The Cock ( at the moment..)

There is really nothing like that first experience.

Your first date with a guy, the first dance.

The first chance at being alone and getting to make out..

That first kiss..

And then also, the first time getting to feel his cock :D

And grabbing it with my fingers and then both hands...rubbing him gently there, checking his "package" out.

That's right..sounds crazy but it's definitely up there on that list of firsts for me.

There is a time in our life that we become suddenly aware of the existence of this wonderful body part, and what it is used for.

Every moment thereafter until I finally got one to play with, was filled with dreamy expectations on my part.

I remember the first time I had a dick in my hand..and how wonderfully soft and smooth it was.  

It was just a natural attraction, and made my pussy tingle all over just holding it!  The expectations were met and exceeded!

And in some ways.. the getting to the age of consent part, and being that intimate with a guy (finally) is a really huge step in womanhood.

It's almost as if a self-awareness becomes more evident to ourselves then. A transformation is taking place- from a girl to woman.

And I suppose it should come as no surprise to my readers that within a few minutes of my first time seeing a cock (for more than just a few seconds), I was giving the guy head (badly) and trying to learn what he liked.

first male lover I met online
and I loved sucking his wonderful cock :)
I love taking just the head in and swirling
my tongue around it inside my mouth.. 
licking underneath with my tongue...
like this one...
Another current lover I met online
and I really love his thick cock !
..and it felt great in my ass!
Almost perfect thickness..
Riding my husband's awesome cock..

When I first became sexually active, I really tried hard to learn how to give great blowjobs :)

Seemed like a good thing to do...  lol

I learned how not to hit his cock with my teeth (first mistake) and over the years, I have learned at least some of the little naughty secrets that make for a great blowjob for him.

I learned how I could use my tongue to intensify the oral experience.

Licking just under his head and along the underside of his cock.

I learned how to lick a man's balls just right, so as to not tickle him, but to make his cum start flowing.

And how to squeeze and jack off his shaft to make him harder.  

I have enjoyed learning about how to make men want to cum.

And that first time a man came in my mouth, it was an amazing experience for me.

All the anticipation, and then all that cum on my lips and in my mouth!!  mmm... so naughty!!

More on my little semen tasting fetish later on... 

For now, just know that I do love having a man give me a facial. ;)

And I love tasting a man's cum!

It just really turns me on sucking his dick and then swallowing all of him when he cums.

It makes me feel so naughty and deliciously slutty...

And yes, normal girls like me enjoy that feeling sometimes.  But not always (key point)

I have found that I really enjoy sucking a man's cock, and that it is not nearly as bad as all the girl talk and gossip I had heard growing up. 

I think for some women, the first few interludes into sex can be pretty terrifying. 

But for me, it was really not that way at all.

For me, it was partly about the excitement of learning to do something that adults do.

But also deep down inside.. I just wanted to be good at sex.

I believed then and I still do, that if I am good at pleasing a man, then I will have no trouble finding and keeping them.

Myopic and simple? but... 

So far this has proven correct! 

I have always had somewhat of an infatuation and curiosity with the male sex organ.  I think every female does, we think about it more than we usually let on.  But it is not like guys, we do not spend all day talking about yes, sometimes... but cock, no.  

But I think most guys I know can talk about fucking from sunrise to sundown!  

I have a few friends who are "big cock" girls. They are only interested in having men with large penises fuck them. I think this is foolish, because of a number of reasons.

I am not a "size queen" or hung up on certain things about a guy's cock being big.

That being said, I do like a big one as much as the next girl... lol

Look, if a guy is hung, and we know it going in..the sex gets more exciting in the anticipation phase for most girls, including me. 

And let's face it, sex is all a wonderful experience if done properly.. but for me, the anticipation of having sex with a new guy is always one of the hottest parts of it all for me.

But I personally love the moment of seeing a man's cock for the first time... and just admiring the size, shape, how sexy it looks...

Thinking about how it will feel inside me, what positions will be best with him..etc..etc..

The men I have slept with had cocks that were all from about 3 to 12 inches long I would guess, and each guy had something about them that I enjoyed, sexually speaking. 

But after starting out my adult life by sleeping with a few men who all had average or below sizes, I finally had sex with a man who had a 10 inch club down there. 

His cock was so big it hurt at first... but he also pounded me so good with it and really stretched my pussy! 

He made me cum like I never had before- like I never even imagined.

His massive cock had given me something massive...

And that something was the earth-shattering, teeth-clenching orgasms.

Sooo..I will just be politely honest here and admit that I was basically his private slut for a few months. 

He could do nothing wrong in my eyes and I frankly didn't care that much if he was sleeping around on me. 

It's not like he was marriage material anyway.
Just a great cock on an average guy. Sounds mean, I know, but the truth often hurts.

That makes it no less true.

But for the time, as long as I got to have his super thick cock inside me every few days, I was going be his girlfriend.

Of course it didn't last... sigh

So I suppose.. if I had to choose, do a desert island kind of choice thingy...

I would take a man with a thicker cock over a longer one most any day.

The breaking point for me on a guy's cock length are a couple of things..

One, some guys are so big that they cannot get really hard, and that can make full insertion a challenge.

A hard cock of any size is better than semi-hard one that is big!

And worse, some guys I have slept with were so long that they could not really reach my body with their hips when they did me doggy style.

This is kind of a huge turn off for me.

Because I like a guy to smack up against my butt and hips when we do it doggy style.

It's part of the turn on for me in that position. (my favorite position) 

And I love having guys fuck my ass, and the fact is that smaller cocks go better with my desires there.

The problem with a really thick cock is while vaginal sex is fantastic for me, trying anal becomes somewhat of a bigger challenge.

Usually after a few minutes, the really thick guys have to settle for my pussy.

Many of the guys that I slept with that had bigger cocks (8+ inches) were the jock kind of guy.

So I guess it has been more of a frontal-assault approach on my pussy when it's been a big guy fucking me; massive dick, heavy pounding... 

And it's been very effective at producing multiple drenching orgasms- that much I will say!

But behind that big cock and heavy pounding there is usually a lack of something for me.

We also need some softness and variation guys! 

And with your huge cocks you sometimes miss the boat on some of that quality and in easing into things.

In my opinion, many guys I have been with that had smaller cocks just had better rhythm, and took things a little slower.

A man with a smaller cock just tends to try harder, and that's based only on my personal experience.

To be fair, I am pretty sure there are guys out there with smaller dicks that suck in bed.. lol

It is always a generalization to think of one's own experiences as all inclusive.

The elusive combination of a nice size cock and a great person and lover is the best, and that's exactly why I got married to the man that I did !! lol  (Love You baby!)
The fact will remain that I have an immense attraction to a man if I like what his body says to me and if I think we will have great sex.

It's one of those things that is important to me in selecting a mate.  I need a good lover! 

As you will learn more in upcoming blog posts, I make no excuses whatsoever about my apparently sluttish thoughts and behavior.

For some women, it's the big provider they seek, for others a secure feeling of family and belonging. 

For me, I want those things also.. but mainly I want to know my man can make the ceiling spin for me in bed, that's all I ask for really.. 

It's not that difficult of a proposition :)

So just to review...

There is no such thing as a bad cock in my experience, just better ones...

Any man can make up for lack of size by listening for cues to what we like in bed and just being a better lover in response to that...

And last but not least.. the best cock in the world is always the one you happen to be enjoying at the moment!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday (Hump Day)

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to give you a little update on my blog happenings...

My new blog post coming in the next few days is:

"Top Reasons Why I Love Cock"

or something like that..

This will be a somewhat in-depth post about the things that turn me on about men's greatest physical asset. (to women)

Also things I like to do with them to drive you men crazy! he he he

And I do love a nice cock to play with, so it is likely to be a VERY naughty post. will be my most explicit post to date..You have been warned! lol  ;)

And also I will be posting a new set of pictures, I have not decided what to post yet... maybe some more behind the scenes pics and pics I have changed up a little in Photoshop and stuff like that.. 

Let me know what you guys want to see and I will try to get some ready and post them.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

My First Lesbian Sex Encounter, Part 1

I consider myself a bisexual woman. I have always had a thing for certain women. 

When I was younger and in still in school, I had some feelings of a sexual nature for a few of my female classmates... and a couple of teachers actually :)  

Hard to describe these feelings, but I had a sense of longing for physical contact with some girls I would meet.

When I was 14, and on a dare, I kissed another girl at my school on the lips.  

It was a mistake and a blessing as the rumor spread. I was talked about rudely in social circles and labeled a "lesbian."  

But the upside was that from this incident I learned to be more independent in my beliefs, and not be so worried about what other people think.   

I had a few other brushes with lesbianism in my teens and early twenties, but beyond some kissing, nipple licking and crotch rubbing it never progressed beyond that. 

This was more due to circumstances and timing really than my own personal desires.  

And I have worked with several women who I had sexual feelings for but I had never acted on them either, until now at least. . .

One of my co-workers had just started working in my office about 3 months before we got to talking.  I will call her Lauren because I am not going to use anybody's real names here but mine. 

She is openly bisexual and told me in personal conversations about several encounters that she has had with other women.

And she talked about it in quite a lot of graphic detail too! Oh my :)

I have to confess I was really getting turned on by hearing her aggressive talk about dating other bi-curious women. 

She talked about how she would eventually seduce them, and take their clothes off and have them any way she wanted them.

It was during our lunches that we started to form a friendship and get to the point of talking about sex a lot.

It's often funny to me how men are perceived as always thinking about sex but you would be surprised I think by how much is said about it among us women.  

If you are a constant reader of mine, you know my husband and I are swingers.  We decided together that we would start out trying with Lauren and talk to her about possibly doing a threesome.

My husband travels a lot for work, and one Sunday night around this time, he was off to a training conference in Atlanta. 

Lauren and I had been especially flirtatious to each other that previous week. We had an in depth talk about sex with women as opposed to men, and how she thought they were different.

In her opinion, a woman hadn't truly experienced bliss until she had been sexually romantic with another woman.

So after thinking about it all day that Monday (and getting myself very horny) I finally decided to go ahead try something on Tuesday.  

I knew that my hubby would be a little mad about me doing it without him there the first time. 
But I guess I just didn't want him to be there that first time.  Not being selfish, just a little bashful really. (that ended quick..he he )

I think some of the excitement I felt was because it was a little bit naughty, and I was at the very least bending the play rules my hubby and I had just set. 

But I think it is different with another woman as opposed to if it had been a man so that tilted the balance for me.

Tuesday had started out just as usual. At lunch the women in my office all grouped up and went to go get food.

But somehow I was lucky and everybody left without us as we were both busy that day. Besides one other person, we were the only ones left in the office. 

I asked her if she wanted to go get something and she agreed so off we went. I waited till we were in the car and made some of our typical small talk.

Then I gathered up all my courage and asked her a question that would get right to my point. 

I asked Lauren if she thought I was attractive!

She paused briefly and said "oh yes" in a way that was somewhat, but not completely sexual. lol

And I just built on that in conversation and got her to admit for the first time that she had thought about me sexually.

So...when we were coming back from lunch, I finally made the leap and asked her if she would be interested in coming over for dinner Tuesday night.

And she immediately said yes! 

In those moments after she agreed to come by, I had some of the most amazing sexual feelings and tingling in my pussy and whole body.

Not even a man's touch has made me feel quite that way before. 

I think any forbidden aspect of lesbianism left in me completely disappeared at that moment. 

So we set a time of 6pm for her to come over. 

She arrived in a very sexy sheer black calf-length dress and had obviously spent some time getting made up.

And she was wearing some sensual perfume that I liked, and found out was a Dior.  This all turned me on so much to think that another woman was getting all sexed up for me! omg

I poured us both some wine and we had some of my beef and vegetable soup.  

After enjoying that and talking very little (butterflies for both of us still I think), we somewhat quickly cleaned up and went downstairs to our rec room.   

At this point the anticipation was really getting the better of me.

I wanted to feel and taste her and just knowing that was about to happen was a wonderful feeling!

We sat on the couch enjoying another glass of wine and after a few long silences and nervousness, Lauren finally leaned in and reached her hand over to my cheek and started to gently kiss me.. 

This kissing went on for a few minutes and she started to rub my now hard nipples through my top.

She pulled down my bra and got full access to my boobs. . . and she took advantage of me.. lol

These pictures were ones taken by my husband from a later encounter. Unfortunately, I have no pictures or video of my first time with her. I was too busy being nervous and then licking pussy to remember to snap some with my cell.

my nipples got hard instantly...

She sucked on my nipples so gently and rubbed and licked them... I was getting so wet and silently begging for her to touch my pussy. . .

It felt so good with her playing with my boobies. I was loving every second of it, and she really seemed to know how to push my buttons already. nice

It felt so good! her tongue was amazing
So then after a few minutes of this she just suddenly gave me this look, and took me by the hand...

I stood up with her and we walked upstairs towards the bedroom. I was so excited walking up the stairs with her. 

And the wine took just enough of my inhibitions away to make me feel like one horny little sex kitten. lol

the rest of this night coming up soon. . .


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some Older Pics...

Here is where I will post some older pics of mine.

Soon I will have a lot more on here so check back soon!

I hope you enjoy them. . .
I am currently writing on 2 new posts and I will have them up very soon guys :)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

How I got into Wife Swapping and being a Hotwife

This is a great topic to start off my blog !
(Thank you James! xoxox )

This is because so many wonderful sexual experiences have resulted from my husband and I becoming swingers.

It all started for us in 2009.

After getting married in the summer, my husband and I were looking for some fun.  We wanted to meet other people, couples mainly, to hang out with and didn't have many options.

So he started looking online at websites to help us find some people.

So we looked and looked. Eventually we stumbled on a few websites that were about couples hanging out... but for a lot more than just friendship! lol

The sky was the limit on a few of them and they were very open about the possibilities of finding other interested couples to have sex with!

I think we both turned at each other with our eyes wide open and laughed, nervously.  But I was definitely curious about it.

..and later I would find out he was too.

So we kept looking for a good "platonic" website for couples to meet on and we eventually signed up for one of them.

A week or so later, we were looking on there and getting no replies to our emails, to anybody. . . my husband was getting somewhat irritated.

He finally asked me "so what did you really think about all those swinger couple sites?"

After I told him I thought it was "interesting," he followed that with "sooo.....would you be interested in trying something like that?"

I really didn't know what to say about it at first
besides... Oh My God! . . .

After looking through a few of the swinger sites with him, I had definitely started to think some about being with another man again sexually.

And it was very exciting and arousing to me.

I also thought about seeing him in bed with another woman, and how exciting that would feel. . . just watching him.

And I had thought a lot about all of the excitement of experiencing wild, new sexual possibilities along with him.

I think swinging with my husband is a kind if forbidden fruit fantasy for me. We all want to be desirable enough for someone to want sex with us, and it's human nature to want to explore that side of our sexuality.  To be enjoying it with him makes it 100% open and involved for me, and that gives me so much confidence that we are both participating equally in what we do sexually.

I have always had an active, and experimentally open sex life and so this was the absolute perfect opportunity for me to just have some fun with it!

..and be free to try out some things..

And I just assumed that if he was curious enough to ask me about my interest, then he wanted to try it also... and so I told him I thought it would be "interesting to experiment with"

Well, this discussion really set the wheels into motion...

Within a few hours of both agreeing to try it out, we had setup online profiles with nude pics on a few swinger sites!!

Most of them have some form of free membership. On some, those options are very limited (try non existent!) We finally settled on a couple of sites that seemed to be better organized and well run, and so we paid for memberships there.

After a few days, we were getting bombarded with messages from local single males and couples and even a few single females.

A number of the messages we got turned out to be spam. They were not hard to spot and we are at the point that we can very quickly nail somebody who is not what they say they are.

We stay far away from all the drama and look for real, genuine people who are like us and are into the friendship aspects and well. . . yes. . . into the kinky sex too! :D

And the subject eventually kept coming up about me being with other women sexually... And so I finally told him what he had suspected for some time; that I had already been sexual with several women.

Mostly it was the school girl crush kind of thing, but I told him that I had kissed a few girls, and a little further than that with a few..  He was very excited to hear this, you would think that Santa Claus had just dropped off a load of presents!! too funny...

I guess that I am lucky to have been with six single women so far. And thirteen bi or lesbian females in the last four years.  I have been enjoying it very much with the ladies.. :)

So... as a result of our discussions on the subject, the first encounter we decided on was very interesting.  We chose a 45 year old single bisexual female.  But she was not off the websites we joined, she was actually a co-worker of mine.  I will be filling in a lot of the details on her and that whole wonderful evening in a blog to come.. it was my first time with another woman and it was very orgasmic.. another woman made me cum for the first time and not just once..or twice :)

hugs and kisses,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Would you like me as your secretary?

I love to dress up in a secretary outfit my husband bought me.

I will add to this collection as I get pics converted to black and white and some glowing effects..I like to see them like just looks sexy... pussy is glowing already...  :)


The important thing to remember is that my pussy has magical powers!

Got it guys ? :) lol

First comment..First User Generated Topic.. First Pictures

OK so James has made the first comment to my blog!!! Yay!!!!  and for this astounding achievement he has chosen a topic for me to blog about!

- How I got into wife swapping/sharing

Or as James put it:

" I'm sure many people would like to know how to bring up the subject of extramarital sex and not end up divorced."

Also my first set of pics on here will be my "Secretary Set"..I like to dress up and this will be a sample ;)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am an amateur pornstar ( I wanna be )

I post a lot of pics of me naked and having sex on a few amateur websites, it is kind of interesting....

It started with a few of my bush, then my ass and then all of a sudden I had posted pics of me sucking and fucking all over the is one of the best free amateur sites, really good people running it.  Xhamster is also good for social purposes.

These sites have led me to a lot of hook ups and for that, I am eternally grateful!

I always wondered what it would be like to be a real porn star, so I have the life of one sometimes, but it's never more than just for fun for me.


My obscene instant messages: Sex Hookup #7

WARNING: If you do not like sex and occasional promiscuity (he he) then this post is NOT for you!! In fact you might want to find a different blog!! sorry

One of the things I wanted to do on here is post some of my naughty chat sessions with guys that I have started talikng to .. and eventually wound up hooking up with ;)

First One: A guy I met online on a swingers website..(yes I slutty, but a great way to meet eligible men!)

I wanted to fuck him the second I saw his hunky, manly black body
eventually he went after it pretty good in our
it was fun flirting with him I felt so naughty..mmm wonderful sensations in my pussy!
I remember playing with my pussy almost the whole time we chatted!! 

Will reveal much, much more of this encounter in further is quite scintillating :)

Day 1:
bhoward1031 (1:51:44 PM): hey sexy whats up

Day 2:
hottstuff1982 (4:32:18 PM):  Hi there!!! glad you got my im right this time!
bhoward1031 (6:58:31 PM): hey sexy girl I know I am sorry I had copied it down wrong
bhoward1031 (7:37:53 PM): hope you have a good weekend sexy and hope to make that pussy mine soon

Day 4:
hottstuff1982 (8:15:28 AM): Are you on?? your smileys golden :)
bhoward1031 (8:15:40 AM): whats up sexy I wuz just lookin at that pic of you sucking cock damm girl you got that going

bhoward1031 (8:16:21 AM):So you will meet me and possibly fck?? Do you like me?

hottstuff1982 (8:37:22 AM): thanks glad u liked.. sorry I have been soo busy the last few days..I didnt have time to chat with you
hottstuff1982 (8:37:31 AM):So do you have some pics for me?? of your cock?? ;) I wanna see!!!!lol
bhoward1031 (8:37:44 AM):wow you are a naughty slut   let me see 
bhoward1031 (8:38:56 AM):here you go this is recent   I told you it wasbig :p

hottstuff1982 (8:39:05 AM):OMG!!!!!! 
hottstuff1982 (8:39:38 AM):wow! I like you..You have a huge cock!!! I love it ;)not sure I can even take it tho!!! lol just kidding!!! hey this is great, you are local and I want a man I can actually meet..I want you to pound my tight little pussy with that thing and I am going to suck your cock so good you will be all smiles in no time I promise :)
bhoward1031 (8:39:41 AM): damm thats good to hear sexy

hottstuff1982 (8:39:53 AM): and like I said when we chatted, I am going to volunteer to be your little white slut (shhhhhhhhhh lol) dont tell him I said that!!
hottstuff1982 (8:40:10 AM):I am going to make you want this pussy all the time.. cause you know I want that black cock all the time 
hottstuff1982 (8:40:37 AM): and I havent even felt you inside me yet.. it's going to feel soooo nice to have you deep in my pussy mmm
bhoward1031 (8:42:28 AM): yeah i am going to love nailing that pussy deep and seein you swallowing as much as this black dick as you can get in your mouth

hottstuff1982 (8:42:57 AM): I will try, pretty sure I wont be able to get all of that big black cock in my mouth...
hottstuff1982 (8:43:09 AM): other places will get all of it hopefully lol
bhoward1031 (8:42:28 AM): I will take it anywhere u want
hottstuff1982 (8:43:48 AM): I am going to love it when I am sucking your cock and looking up into your eyes
hottstuff1982 (8:44:06 AM): it's going to make my pussy jealous I
hottstuff1982 (8:44:33 AM): But I know you will be giving that some special attention too
hottstuff1982 (8:44:43 AM): mmmmmmmm can't wait
bhoward1031 (8:46:14 AM): oh i am going to give it plenty of attention dont worry your ass too

hottstuff1982 (8:46:21 AM): ooooh yes
hottstuff1982 (8:46:34 AM): especially my ass...I want you there too
hottstuff1982 (8:46:56 AM): after you lick it and tongue it and make it yours first
hottstuff1982 (8:47:19 AM): I have a feeling you are going to make me cum so hard

hottstuff1982 (8:47:45 AM): I will be calling out your name..along with a lot of moaning and groaning ;)
bhoward1031 (8:47:45 AM): mmmmmmmm i will enjoy owning that ass let me see a pic of it!!
hottstuff1982 (8:47:53 AM): So will I..ok let me look
hottstuff1982 (8:48:21 AM) here are a couple good ones ;)

bhoward1031 (8:48:32 AM): I am gonna pound that
hottstuff1982 (8:48:38 AM): just have to go slow and play with my ass..
hottstuff1982 (8:48:48 AM): and then I will be begging you to take it :)
bhoward1031 (8:48:55 AM): no prob i will take it easy on your ass at first those are hot you are so fine girl damm
hottstuff1982 (8:49:04 AM): :) thank you!! :D 
bhoward1031 (8:49:06 AM): then i will fuck that ass like i fuck your pussy
hottstuff1982 (8:49:13 AM): mmmmm YES
hottstuff1982 (8:49:34 AM): mmmmm I am playing with my clit right now looking at your pictures mmmmmmm
bhoward1031 (8:50:29 AM): you love looking at that black dick dont you
hottstuff1982 (8:50:51 AM): yes I do its such an awesome cock to look at!!
hottstuff1982 (8:51:28 AM): I am going to do everything I can to make you feel good and want more and more of me!!

bhoward1031 (8:52:45 AM): i love how you just want to please me
hottstuff1982 (8:52:48 AM): eventually I am going to get him to let us meet.. just the two of us...
hottstuff1982 (8:53:05 AM): and yes, I do want to please you
hottstuff1982 (8:53:33 AM): I want you to experience a really good fucking, and more and more
bhoward1031 (8:54:21 AM): oh really just us too huh that would be hot

hottstuff1982 (8:54:31 AM): Yes...and it will be
hottstuff1982 (8:55:13 AM): Friday is as much for him as it is for me, he loves seeing me take a nice big cock..because I get into it so much for him..
hottstuff1982 (8:55:49 AM): but after Friday we will hopefully have a chance at some days to play with just the two of us... maybe with a camera so he can see how much fun we had together

bhoward1031 (8:56:05 AM): thats still a little weird for me that a guy can like watching his wife or girl fuck other guys lol but its all good
hottstuff1982 (8:56:21 AM): yea, it was wierd for me too at first! But he calls it cuckolding. I am just now finding out more about it...its exciting really..very naughty..... luv it!!
hottstuff1982 (8:57:13 AM): and he really enjoys seeing me have a good time and be pleasured.  And you are going to give me soooo much pleasure i think

hottstuff1982 (8:57:22 AM): mmmmm
hottstuff1982 (8:57:35 AM): its making me so horny thinking about you....
bhoward1031 (8:58:25 AM): me too i am at work and my dick is hard as fuck in my office 
hottstuff1982 (8:58:37 AM): oh my :)
hottstuff1982 (8:58:52 AM): oh I wish I could come out there and close your office door
hottstuff1982 (8:59:09 AM): I would take care of that awesome hard on you have
hottstuff1982 (8:59:23 AM): take you deep in my mouth

bhoward1031 (8:59:28 AM): yeah it would be nice damn good actually
hottstuff1982 (8:59:40 AM): licking the underside of your cock with the tip of my tounge
hottstuff1982 (8:59:45 AM): lol
hottstuff1982 (8:59:48 AM): yes it would be

bhoward1031 (9:00:00 AM): damn thats hot
hottstuff1982 (9:00:08 AM): someday we will have to try out that fantasy... wink wink
hottstuff1982 (9:00:24 AM): you can lay me on your desk and spread my legs apart
hottstuff1982 (9:00:43 AM): mmmmm my pussy is sooooo wet rt now

bhoward1031 (9:00:47 AM): whenever you can get away early on sunday morning its possible or late on a thurs night
hottstuff1982 (9:01:02 AM): hmmm will have to keep that in mind
bhoward1031 (9:01:26 AM): i close on thurs nites and come in at 8 on sunday
hottstuff1982 (9:01:30 AM): maybe this Thursday

bhoward1031 (9:01:42 AM): damm you make me want you so bad
hottstuff1982 (9:01:51 AM): I am so horny today I need it bad too!
bhoward1031 (9:02:01 AM): what about hubby lol
hottstuff1982 (9:02:10 AM): I know I have to wait till he is there
bhoward1031 (9:02:17 AM): I can come over and bend you over a sink in the bathroom or take you anywhere

hottstuff1982 (9:02:21 AM): mmm I wish!!! omg ....I have to play by the rules for now...till there r no rules
bhoward1031 (9:03:09 AM): have you had it where there are no rules
hottstuff1982 (9:03:23 AM): not yet but it has been discussed
hottstuff1982 (9:03:40 AM): where I get to have one guy that is "mine" to enjoy as I please..a fuck buddy or boyfriend or friend with benefits..whatever you want to call it.
bhoward1031 (9:04:10 AM): you want this black dick to be that dick you get to play with 1on1 all the time??

hottstuff1982 (9:04:15 AM): I would like that to be you, if you make me as hot in person as you do now.. I do love your big black cock.. so wanting to feel you dominating me hard!
bhoward1031 (9:04:22 AM): ooh yes my slut
hottstuff1982 (9:04:41 AM): I also want u to be able to eventualy call me and then i would come and take care of you
hottstuff1982 (9:04:50 AM): and your sexual needs

bhoward1031 (9:05:14 AM): i know you hate this but i am gonna say it anyway lol
hottstuff1982 (9:05:20 AM): lol
hottstuff1982 (9:05:22 AM): ok what?
hottstuff1982 (9:05:26 AM): :??

bhoward1031 (9:05:31 AM): cant wait to make you my personal little white slut to use
hottstuff1982 (9:05:40 AM): mmmmm
hottstuff1982 (9:05:54 AM): I would so be that for you I think..your personal fuck toy lol :)

bhoward1031 (9:06:04 AM): good girl my fuck toy slut
hottstuff1982 (9:06:16 AM): your slut!! I want to have your cock in me so bad
bhoward1031 (9:06:33 AM): so where is it that you meet up with guys for your sessions hotels?
hottstuff1982 (9:06:49 AM): yes hotels usually
bhoward1031 (9:07:04 AM): cool
hottstuff1982 (9:07:37 AM): Its been so long for me we havent done this in several months now
bhoward1031 (9:08:28 AM): cool so just hubby fucking you huh
hottstuff1982 (9:08:35 AM): yes
hottstuff1982 (9:08:53 AM): which is ok, he is no slouch let me tell you..but I want more :)
hottstuff1982 (9:09:12 AM): I have always had a thing for big cocks
hottstuff1982 (9:09:12 AM):  Love the feeling of a huge cock inside me.. spreading me so wide.. where its almost a pain type situation.. but then you start to cum a little and open up and then cum hard and it just feels very good! :)

bhoward1031 (9:09:29 AM): soooo i am bigger than hubby lol
hottstuff1982 (9:09:32 AM): I worship big cocks like nice and meaty lol
hottstuff1982 (9:10:01 AM): yes you are lol.. he is about 7 inches... you are much thicker and that is really what makes me so wet
hottstuff1982 (9:10:25 AM): I like nice thick cocks and yours is long and thick so thats why I love it
hottstuff1982 (9:10:37 AM): It makes me want to worship's perfect :D
bhoward1031 (9:10:45 AM): mmmm i wish i could eat that pussy right now and lick that little asshole of yours

hottstuff1982 (9:10:57 AM): ooooh yes that's my naughty boy
hottstuff1982 (9:11:17 AM): I want you to lick my ass till I am begging you to fuck me
hottstuff1982 (9:11:42 AM): spread my lips apart and lick my pussy til it's swollen and red
hottstuff1982 (9:11:48 AM): mmmmmmmm
hottstuff1982 (9:11:56 AM): omg I am so wet

bhoward1031 (9:12:14 AM): mmmmmmmmmmmm
bhoward1031 (9:12:27 AM): i would toungue fuck that littlw ass for sure 
hottstuff1982 (9:12:38 AM): mmm I love it !
hottstuff1982 (9:13:06 AM): I will send you some more pics of my ass today just so you can get all hard over it :)
hottstuff1982 (9:13:15 AM): Do you like my big booty?
bhoward1031 (9:13:33 AM): love a nice big ass 
hottstuff1982 (9:13:48 AM): well you will love mine then

bhoward1031 (9:13:53 AM): will spank and turn red while i am pounding your pussy and fingering your asshole
hottstuff1982 (9:14:12 AM): mmmmmmmm
hottstuff1982 (9:14:25 AM): I like being spanked...lightly!! 
hottstuff1982 (9:14:31 AM): not to hard ok

bhoward1031 (9:14:52 AM): no problem a little hard pulling and light ass spankin
hottstuff1982 (9:15:01 AM): oh yes
hottstuff1982 (9:15:08 AM): I want you to take me doggy style too
bhoward1031 (9:15:18 AM): oh hell yes
hottstuff1982 (9:15:23 AM): feel your hands on my hips... pulling me into you
hottstuff1982 (9:15:34 AM): rubbing my ass
hottstuff1982 (9:15:40 AM): getting me all into it
hottstuff1982 (9:15:42 AM): mmmmmmmmm

bhoward1031 (9:16:21 AM): oh you will sexy you will feel it deep in you til i hit the bottom
hottstuff1982 (9:16:41 AM): you will have to be careful at first going deep.. you are huge!!
bhoward1031 (9:16:48 AM): k
hottstuff1982 (9:17:08 AM): just take it slow and easy and I will tell you when to go deeper ok
bhoward1031 (9:17:33 AM): k
hottstuff1982 (9:17:35 AM): my ass I will take you all the way I know
hottstuff1982 (9:18:06 AM): you can bury that BBC deep in my ass I want you to let me feel every inch of you

bhoward1031 (9:18:32 AM): you think your ass can take it all
hottstuff1982 (9:18:50 AM): I think so.. I have had some pretty long cocks in my ass
hottstuff1982 (9:19:03 AM): the thickness part will be the hardest thing to get used to
bhoward1031 (9:19:38 AM): I will be gentle and own it
hottstuff1982 (9:19:07 AM): I will try though
hottstuff1982 (9:19:17 AM): I want it for you to enjoy

bhoward1031 (9:19:34 AM): oh how i will enjoy owning your body
hottstuff1982 (9:19:39 AM): :D
hottstuff1982 (9:19:50 AM): I think I wll enjoy it even more!
hottstuff1982 (9:19:53 AM): mmmm mmmm

bhoward1031 (9:21:53 AM): i have no doubt like i told you before i want to make you want this dick in every hole you have to crave just stroking it and making me cum in your mouth to want to lick my nuts to want me to come over and just eat your pussy and lick your ass til you cum like a rivers flowing out of your pussy
hottstuff1982 (9:22:11 AM): omg
hottstuff1982 (9:22:35 AM): I want you
hottstuff1982 (9:22:52 AM): I am going to suck you all over you cock and balls

bhoward1031 (9:22:54 AM): you will get it all  
bhoward1031 (9:23:12 AM): i bet you really get into sucking it too
hottstuff1982 (9:23:19 AM): I love it..I am going to make you beg for me to stop and just fuck you, but I am going to just keep sucking you off lol
hottstuff1982 (9:23:22 AM): running my tongue all over your head and swallowing you deep
hottstuff1982 (9:23:26 AM): mmmmm

bhoward1031 (9:23:44 AM): dammm girl you are gettn me hard as shit
hottstuff1982 (9:23:58 AM): it's going to be so nice sucking on your huge cock!!!
hottstuff1982 (9:24:11 AM): tasting your sticky precum all over my lips
hottstuff1982 (9:24:35 AM): sucking your balls gently in my mouth
bhoward1031 (9:24:54 AM): mmmmmmmmmmmm I love that shit
hottstuff1982 (9:24:59 AM): making you oooze cum on my lips as I lick it off

bhoward1031 (9:25:23 AM): keep that up lol and it wont be ooooozzed it will shoot out 
hottstuff1982 (9:25:24 AM): rubbing your head on my lips wet with cum and my spit
bhoward1031 (9:25:50 AM): love a lot of spit and slob like it nasty and wet
hottstuff1982 (9:25:58 AM): lol mmmm oh yes
hottstuff1982 (9:26:07 AM): it will be wet

bhoward1031 (9:26:09 AM): you like it like that also
hottstuff1982 (9:26:14 AM): yes
bhoward1031 (9:28:17 AM): well good good good
bhoward1031 (9:28:26 AM): hey sexy got to go will be on later
hottstuff1982 (9:28:35 AM): ok no prob..I have to go to work soon

bhoward1031 (9:34:58 AM): mmmmmmmmmmm damn cant wait to taste that pussy
bhoward1031 (9:40:00 AM): i am gonna eat you so fucking good you will just cum at the thought of my tongue on your clit

bhoward1031 (9:40:14 AM): i also cant wait til we can meet up just us two lol 
hottstuff1982 (9:52:26 AM): I want you to spread my lips wide apart and lick my pussy all over..mmmm

hottstuff1982 (9:52:45 AM): and I want you to tounge fuck my pussy and ass too
hottstuff1982 (9:53:22 AM): OK I have to go get ready for work, it was awesome chatting with pussy has been so wet!! have a good evening sexy.. xoxoxo
bhoward1031 (9:53:29 AM): Send me a pic please b4 u go
hottstuff1982 (9:53:22 AM): OK
hottstuff1982 (9:55:16 AM): here are a couple i have to run..ta ta for now sexy

bhoward1031 (9:58:39 AM): damm I love those titties gonna stick my dick between them
bhoward1031 (9:58:39 AM): enjoy work sexy and know that soon u will be sucking my dick and drinking this cum getting your ass fucked and becoming my little white slut
hottstuff1982 (9:58:52 AM): it is sweet lol.. ok bye for now

To be continued....